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The late- Mr. John W. Nick died from breast cancer June 11,  1991, at the age of 58.                            


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 April 15, 2010 - Problems (and solutions) in the study of Male Breast Cancer: Rare Tuomors, 
by Valerie Speirs, Steven Pollock, Abeer M. Shaaban, Andrew M. Hanby.  

​Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine, St James’s University Hospital, UK Male Breast Cancer - Study performed by the University of Leeds.

​The rising incidence of male breast cancer - by Valerie Speirs & Abeer M. Shaaban Studies Presented at San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (2009)[2109]Comparative biomarker analysis in 523 matched male and female breast cancers.[2110] Prognostic Significance of Molecular Subtypes in Male Breast Cancer.[2111] Stage at Diagnosis and Management of Breast Cancer in Men and Women - A Population-Based Study (Sweden) (2007)[5048] Male Breast Cancer: Impact of early diagnosis and adjuvant treatment analysis of 983 cases.[5049] Survivin and COX-2 expression in male breast cancer.[5050] Patterns of body size in male breast cancer and impact of obesity on disease outcome.[5051] Expression of basal-like markers in male breast cancers. Other Studies: 2009 ASCO Annual Meeting Abstract: Molecular characterization of male breast cancer by standardized quantitative RT-PCR analysis: First large genomic study of 347 male breast cancers compared to 82,434 female breast cancers. Men's

Knowledge and Awareness of Male Breast Cancer - University of Colorado preliminary study that was presented at the 2009 Western Institute on Nursing (WIN) Research Conference. Study finds male breast cancer on the rise. Male breast cancer study launchedBRCA-1 and BRCA-2 in male breast cancer. Case-control study of occupational exposures and male breast cancer. Male breast cancer - information and news about male breast cancer. Increased risk of male breast cancer seen in prostate cancer patients. African-American male breast cancer survival rates lower. 

Racial disparities seen in male breast cancer survival. Bilateral male breast cancer with male potential hypogonadism.Environmental toxins and breast cancer on Long Island.  I. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon DNA adducts. Genetic testing genetic analyses of male breast cancer in Israel. A burst of research activity follows BRCA-1Molecular biology and genetics: BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 have a limited role in familial prostate cancer. 

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