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The late- Mr. John W. Nick died from breast cancer June 11,  1991, at the age of 58.                            

​John W. Nick Foundation Inc.-Www


Nancy  Nick, Founder,  President/ CEO 


                    Robert A. Gardner, MD

                       Breast Specialist Palm Beach   www.breastquestions.com

The Nick Breast Health Fair Saved a Man's Life through Early Detection.    

Harold Schulman, MD

Women's Contemporary Center Vero Beach FL. (Retired) He was a very active Board of Director for a decade. Harold thank you for all of your support, in-kind donations and monetary. You and Rosie are true pioneer in the male breast cancer world.     

                 Mark A. Pinsky, MD, PA  

Nationally Recognized Breast Augmentation Specialist! West Palm Beach FL. Pinsky & Lickstein  http://www.pinskylickstein.com 

A Special thank you for all of your support, in-kind donations, monetary, and a past Member of the Board of Director. 

Rosemarie Schulman, RN

How to prevent disease through nutrition. 

Getting Staying and Living Thin was located in Vero Beach FL. She is now retired.  She was  a very active Board of Director. You helped us get the conversation started that,

"Men Get Breast Cancer Too!" 

First Health Fair for Male And Female Breast Cancer Awareness on October 26, 1996 

                                Dr. Gardner Saved a Man's Life that Day